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Access to abortion lets a woman control her life, but

The Supreme Court could decide to turn back the clock and unravel a woman's right to a legal abortion. You're invited to experience "No Access, No Choice: The Exhibit" in Washington, DC, February 29 - March 4.


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1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime.

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It was BEFORE Roe v. Wade. I was a college student nearing my senior year. I got pregnant over the winter break with my long time high school sweetheart. He did not want to get married. I wanted to finish college. Neither of us wanted a baby that year but abortion was illegal. I pursued illegal “back alley” options. They were AWFUL: dirty, unsanitary, unsafe. So we married, the option neither of us preferred at that time and both of us resented, not just in the short term for the next decades to come, even though I miscarried at four months. We both stopped our college educations and tried to make a successful marriage from a bad beginning. We divorced after nearly two decades and three later live births.
I have fought to keep this medical procedure safe for my three grown daughters and five granddaughters. We should never have to face unsafe choices as the only alternative. WE CANNOT TURN BACK.


In the 50’s one of my friends became pregnant. Her parents sent her to Cuba where she had the abortion in a hospital. The cover story was she went to visit relatives out of state. In the early 60’s another friend became pregnant by a married man. She went to Mexico for the abortion in a clinics. She came back with a raging infection & despite the hospitals’ best efforts, she died depriving the world of a very talented teacher.


Many decades ago, before Roe v Wade, I needed an abortion. At 6 weeks, I had rubella and other personal concerns. To find a competent physician was impossible. The only person that I could find to perform the procedure was a defrocked physician, who carried out the procedure without anesthesia. And I never conceived again. I NEVER want any woman to suffer through an experience like this. I didn’t regret the abortion, nor did I sustain any feelings of guilt. We need to keep these services available without any obstructions. No one is being required to have an abortion but it should be available to anyone. NO STRINGS!


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For the previous two years, I had been flying to the South from Chicago to provide care to women whose access to abortion services was limited to a few clinics, despite the fact that abortions are deemed legal by the Supreme Court.

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